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What are the main functions of industrial integrated systems

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Nowadays, in many modern factories, automation robot equipment can be seen to be busy, and various types of robot equipment undertake the vast majority of work tasks in many enterprises. However, how to enable these different types of robot equipment with different functions to achieve collaborative work is still a difficult problem that many robot research and development institutions need to solve, So what are the main roles of industrial integrated systems that are being valued in many robot research and development centers today?
1、 The role of making robotic devices more flexible
I believe many friends who have had experience in factory environments know that although current robot devices are very rich in functionality, they always give the impression that they are not flexible enough, and only in simple and repetitive tasks can they truly bring value into play. Integrated systems are products that address the issue of robot flexibility. Currently, integrated systems have developed some reliable technologies to make robots more flexible.
2、 Making robotic devices work more collaboratively
The role of a single robotic device is very limited, but if multiple different types of robots can work together, it is believed that the distance to truly unmanned production is very close. Industrial integrated systems are precisely a product designed to solve the problem of robot collaboration. Currently, some achievements have been achieved in the field of robot collaboration, but the road is still very bumpy, and it will take a long time to achieve robot collaboration.
3、 The role of making robotic devices safer
Although robot devices have important value in many enterprises, due to the lack of human rational thinking ability, robot safety accidents at work are also common. Currently, in order to make robots safer in use, industrial integrated systems have begun to use SIL3 level safety chips to keep the speed and posture of robots under monitoring, ensuring better safety when robots work.
Currently, human society has encountered many difficult problems and conflicts between countries have gradually erupted. The key to solving these problems that have gradually begun to lead to dead ends lies in technological innovation. Industrial integrated systems are a product that can help humans change their lifestyles for thousands of years. This technological breakthrough is related to whether the lives of every human in the world can be changed.

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