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Based on the 6-core/8-core high-capacity ARM64 architecture, Fusion Micro has launched the industrial multi-master motion controller NSPIC-R002M and the NSPIC-R002H, which integrates motion control and machine vision, with core computing power far exceeding that of Celeron and ATOM X86 industrial controllers at the same price, truly realizing ARM instead of x86.
The device as a whole adopts fanless design aluminum alloy die-casting shell for heat dissipation, which is efficient and sturdy and effectively applicable to dusty, vibrating and strong interference application scenarios.
Rich expansion and efficient transmission make the device suitable for scenarios with different levels of complexity.
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Basic parameters
NSPIC-R002H Hardware parameters





Dual-core Cortex A57 1.5GHz

Quad-core Cortex A53 1.2GHz

Quad-core Cortex A57 1.5GHz

Quad-core Cortex A53 1.2GHz


4G LPDDR4,2GB/8GB optional


8GB + 16BG as standard, expandable to 32GB


PowerVR GX6250

PowerVR GX6750

Ethernet port

4-way Gigabit Ethernet, LAN1, LAN2 support EtherCAT


1 way Up to 4K@30fps

Serial port



16 way DI, support NPN, PNP output

Power supply

24V voltage input


Two serial ports, support RS232, RS485 communication, support CAN, CANFD, two USB


NECROIndustrial real-time operating systems


200mm x 90mm x 50mm

Operating temperature


Power consumption

Maximum 6W


NSPIC-R002H Performance parameter
◆ Working range of wide voltage 9V-36V, 24V voltage input is standard;
◆ Support Ethernet communication of four Gigabit ports, 10Mb/100Mb/1000Mb rate adaptive network, two of which can be used as EtherCAT master;
◆ Support 1 serial port debugging, support SD card system update
◆ Support 2-way 232 and 2-way 485, communication through IO switching switch;
◆ Support 2-way CANFD;
◆ On-board external 8GB eMMC;
Support one standard USB2.0 interface and one standard USB3.0 interface;
Support one standard HDMI interface, up to 4K;
◆ Support Dual-band WIFI, Bluetooth V5.0 transceiver, external antenna
◆ Reserved LVDS LCD video connection port and touch IC required port
6 PWM ports are reserved
Reserved at least 32 GPIOs
3 USB2.0 ports reserved
◆ Reserve 2 SPI ports
◆ 3 UART ports reserved
The reserved ports support the bottom expansion board NOM-R002-E, which can realize the functions including industry standard DIDO, ethercat, slave and so on.
Slave and other functions, the whole has scalability
◆ The overall compact layout, structure size: 180mm*90mm*22mm;
◆ Working temperature: -20℃~70℃;
◆ Power consumption: ≤30W

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