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Composite robot

Composite robot
Composite robot is a new type of robot that integrates two functions: mobile robot and industrial robot. The composite robot has "hands, feet, eyes, and brain". Single function compared to AGV/AMR and robotic arms. A composite robot that combines the characteristics of both and is more flexible, has fast feedback, is easy to operate, and can be moved and operated. It has become a key equipment for achieving intelligent industrial production, and also an important condition for robot value competition in the second half.
With the increasing demand for industrial intelligence and the increasing complexity of processes, enterprises have a more urgent demand for the flexibility of automation equipment. Compared to the single function of AGV/AMR, collaborative robots, and machine vision, composite mobile robots that combine the characteristics of the three are clearly more flexible, and robots are increasingly deepening with the integration of practical application needs. [2] Composite robots can achieve continuous iterative evolution, resulting in more application possibilities. The application scenarios in the industrial field are very diverse, such as spraying, palletizing, patrol inspection, patrol inspection, security, and many other fields.

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