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6-axis processing equipment

The 6-axis machining machine is a high-performance machine tool that can perform complex 6-axis machining, including milling, drilling, turning, boring, reaming, and deep hole drilling. This machine tool is commonly used to machine high-precision parts in automotive, aerospace, defense, mold and other industrial fields. Six directions of motion are possible, including linear motion, rotary motion and axial motion, etc. Six-axis machining equipment is usually used to process complex three-dimensional shapes and high precision. 6-axis machining equipment is a very advanced and efficient machining equipment that can process various complex shapes and sizes with high machining accuracy and efficiency, and is one of the important machining equipment in the industrial manufacturing field.

Currently, the most advanced 6-axis machining equipment in the world is the FZ100 gantry milling machine and M3 ABC 3-axis milling head from Zimmermann, Germany. These machines can perform six-axis machining, eliminating the poles problem in the traditional two-axis machining method, with high machining accuracy and efficiency. In addition, there are some other six-axis machining equipment, such as the SL series CNC machines from Kicad of Japan and the Mastercam series from Cynos of Switzerland.

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