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NSS(NECRO Super Studio)is an industrial automation software development platform for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing based on B/S architecture and IEC 61131-3 international programming standard.

The unique advantage of NSS platform is that users can realize a complete industrial automation solution without installing local software.

It supports IEC 61131-3 standard programming environment,currently supports standard ST language,FBD programming language and ladder diagram,and will support other programming languages in the future.

Support for a wide range of industrial Ethernet including EtherCAT Master,CANOPEN Ethernet/IP Scanner and Adapter,Profinet Slave,Modbus TCP/RTU,etc.;

Support motion control library,PLCOPEN PARTⅠ&PARTⅡ,gear and cam and linear and circular interpolation in plane and space in axis group,etc.

NSS supports IEC 61499,can write its own import function blocks through C++and other high-level languages,can support all kinds of algorithms through the customization method,select specific function blocks according to the needs of the control function,and interconnect them to the software according to IEC 61499 standard,the design is flexible,and the system is scalable and deformable,including robot algorithms,vision algorithms,etc.,suitable for all kinds of electrical engineers to high-level language engineers,this approach provides a high degree of flexibility for the design and improvement of control systems.It is very convenient to modify the debugging program.After modifying the program in NSS,runtime will automatically modify the XML according to the program without downloading,which is simple and fast.

NSS is widely used,not only supports EtherCAT,EtherNET/IP,CANOPEN,ProfiNET and other protocols,but also supports EtherCAT dual master,which can be used in all kinds of scenarios in robotics,CNC,operation control and PLC.

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The software has a three-layer architecture,which can be represented by the following figure:

NSS Experience Portal

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The software has a three-layer architecture, which can be represented by the following figure:

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