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With the support of two powerful software, NECRO and NSS, we have launched NOM series of hardware products for different arithmetic platforms.

From the NOM-R000A, the smallest size and most integrated low-calculus platform, to the NOM-R001L, a medium-calculus platform, to the NOM-002M and NOM-002H, high-calculus platforms capable of replacing x86.

The low, medium and high computing platforms meet the needs of different application scenarios and are widely used in industrial robots, collaborative robots, CNC and operation control scenarios.

With the diversification of products, the latest fully localized high computing platform NOM-R003F will be launched soon.

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Our Strengths
  • Stable performance
    Stable performance
    High accuracy, high real-time performance, excellent and reliable performance
  • High cost performance ratio
    High cost performance ratio
    Other products with lower prices than equivalent computing platforms
  • Autonomous and controllable
    Autonomous and controllable
    100% autonomous code, hard real-time kernel, independent research and development protocol stack
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
    Compatible with commonly used Linux commands and shell scripts, and supports many third-party libraries and algorithms
  • Widely used
    Widely used
    Three major computing platforms, low, medium, and high, covering various industries and application scenarios
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