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In the market promotion of the smallest controller system, we have found that many robot companies themselves use the form of X86 industrial control computers to build controllers. Due to the poor scalability of the X86 main chip, in practical use, it is generally necessary to plug in EtherCAT lO for lO expansion, mainly with multi-channel digital quantity I0. Therefore, the comprehensive construction cost of X86 industrial control computers+EtherCATIO is expensive, and the quality of EtherCATIO supply is uneven, causing concerns about robot stability. For the operation and control PLC scenario in the automation industry, the main entry-level operation and control PLC manufacturers include Huichuan's H5U and AM400/600 series, Hechuan's PAC Q0/Q1, and JMC's UM-101 series. The market price is around 2000 to 4000, and IO expansion is additionally charged. At the same time, whether it is a fully open source mode such as rtlinux+igh, a bare metal mode without an operating system, or a controller composed of rtlinux+CoDeSys, The market sales prices are priced based on the number of shafts driving the servo, ranging from 4, 8, 16, and 64. The prices are rising on a geometric basis, and the market quality and price system are chaotic.


In view of the above blue ocean market, our company has launched the NPLC-SM-OA pure ODM mode motion controller OEM service, which ranks first in the industry in terms of integration and overall cost performance.

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  • Stable performance
    Stable performance
    High accuracy, high real-time performance, excellent and reliable performance
  • High cost performance ratio
    High cost performance ratio
    Other products with lower prices than equivalent computing platforms
  • Autonomous and controllable
    Autonomous and controllable
    100% autonomous code, hard real-time kernel, independent research and development protocol stack
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
    Compatible with commonly used Linux commands and shell scripts, and supports many third-party libraries and algorithms
  • Widely used
    Widely used
    Three major computing platforms, low, medium, and high, covering various industries and application scenarios
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