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NOM-R002H is a flagship product of the currently mass-produced platform, with 4-core 1.5GHz ARM64 A57 dual core+4-core A538 core performance, up to 8GB of LPDDR4 memory, and up to 8T of deep learning capability. Its main goals are AI collaborative robots, AI composite robots, and visual operation and control integrated airport scenery.
Having machine vision is a threshold for intelligent manufacturing or AI robots. Traditional collaborative robots often require two sets of controller platforms to work together to achieve visual detection, one is a visual controller, and the other is a motion controller. The former preprocesses RGB and point cloud information from industrial cameras to obtain information such as target location, center point, overall dimension, and depth, Then, the information is transmitted to the motion controller through the network for use by the cooperative robot arm. The two sets of controllers cooperate, which not only has high cost, complex construction, and bloated, but also results in unsatisfactory actual results due to the delay and unreliable network transmission. NOM-ROO2H is the first controller in China that integrates high-speed motion control and machine vision. With eight CPUs working together, vision and motion can not interfere with each other, but also achieve synchronization and information exchange at a speed of u8. It is the first choice for collaborative robots. At the same time, this platform has excellent performance, and with the support of high computing power CPUs, it can bring the scheduling algorithm to the best state. It is particularly suitable for CNC and medium and large scale operation control products with higher control cycle requirements. It also supports the integration of display and control, and is also the preferred choice for high-end CNC.

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Basic parameters
NOM-R002H Hardware parameters




24V 2A

Network interface

4*Support 1000Mb/100Mb/10Mb

Commissioning port


Serial communication

4*UART,Can be set to RS485 or RS232 by setting


2*USB2.0 2*USB3.0

Controller Area Network






NOM-R002H Performance parameter

24V voltage input;
Ethernet communication with four gigabit network ports, supporting 10/100/1000Mb adaptive networks, of which two channels support EtherCAT master stations;
Four-way serial port, which supports 232 and 485 communication through switch switches, and can be independently switched to four-way RS485 and four-way RS232 communication interfaces;
Onboard 32GB eMMC;
Supports two-way USB 2.0 and two-way USB 3.0;
One way HDMI interface, supporting up to 4K;
Supports continuous expansion of the substrate to achieve more functions and scalability
Structural dimension: 75mm × 57mm;
Working temperature: - 20 ℃~70 ℃;
Power consumption: ≤ 60W

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