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Composite robot

Composite robot is a new type of robot that integrates the functions of mobile robot and industrial robot into one. The composite robot has "hands, feet, eyes and brain". Compared with the single function of AGV / AMR and robot arm, it is more flexible, faster feedback and easier to operate. The composite robot, which combines the characteristics of both and is more flexible, with fast feedback and easy operation, has become a key device to achieve intelligent industrial production and an important condition for the value competition of robots in the second half. Having machine vision is a threshold for intelligent manufacturing or AI robots. Traditional collaborative robots to achieve visual inspection often require two sets of controller platforms to work together, one for the vision controller and one for the motion controller, with the former pre-processing RGB and point cloud information from industrial cameras to obtain information such as target location, center point, shape size and depth, and then passing the information through the network to the motion controller for NOM-RO02H is the first domestic controller that integrates high-speed motion control and machine vision, with 8 CPUs working together, so that vision and motion can be synchronized and information exchanged at uS-level speed without interfering with each other. Achieve synchronization and information exchange

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