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Small industrial robots

As China's economy continues to grow and science and technology advance by leaps and bounds, it has made robots quite widely used in palletizing, gluing, spot welding, arc welding, painting, handling, measuring and other industries. There are many reasons, including the type of packaging, factory environment and customer needs, that turn palletizing into a difficult bone in the packaging factory. To overcome these difficulties, all aspects of palletizing equipment have evolved and improved, from the manipulator to the software that operates it. The growing demand for flexibility in the market is a trend that has affected many aspects of packaging, and the back end of the line is no exception.

The palletizing robot works on the principle of a layer of workpieces on a plate that meets the requirements of the pallet, and the plate and workpieces move forward until the vertical surface of the pallet. The upper blocking rod descends, the other three sides of the positioning blocking rod start clamping, at this time the plate reset. Each workpiece descends to the plane of the pallet, the plane of the pallet and the bottom surface of the plate is 10mm apart, the pallet descends a workpiece height. Repeat the above until the pallet stacking reaches the set requirements. The palletizing robot is equipped with a specially designed custom multi-purpose gripper that allows the robot to firmly grip and transfer boxes using vacuum suction cups, regardless of the size or weight of the box.

The NOM-R000A is equipped with our NECRO operating system and easily controls 1ms control cycles with our self-developed EtherCAT protocol stack, which is sufficient performance for these robotic arm motion control with low arithmetic power requirements and low motion complexity.

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