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32-64 axis motion controller

NOM-R000A can be used as a multi-axis motion controller in magnetic levitation conveying. Magnetic levitation conveying system, kinematic/independent trolley drive part is high strength permanent magnet, motor contains independently controlled coil and absolute position detection element, coil is energized sequentially to generate magnetic field to drive magnet movement, it is a kind of intelligent conveying line with modularity, independent kinematic, flexible variable distance, high precision, fast speed and fast beat. Magnetic levitation conveying system, there are various types, such as elliptical, rectangular magnetic levitation conveying line, horizontal multi-fork, multi-reflow magnetic levitation conveying line, etc.

The traditional conveyor system, on the other hand, has fixed speed, limited speed, difficult acceleration, lack of flexibility, not easy to replace and upgrade, fixed pitch or low compatibility, complex mechanical design, easy to wear, high maintenance cost, and long maintenance time affects production.

Magnetic levitation track, based on powerful DC algorithm, our one EtherCAT master drives more than 200 magnetic levitation servo axes at the same time, which is quite demanding for motion controller. Our NOM-R000A with NECRO real time operating system can realize the control of multiple axes. Controller real-time and stability are very important in multi-axis motion control, even in complex environment, NOM-R000A jitter usually does not exceed 10uS.

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